The mission of the academic guidance in the faculty is to find a vital and effective relationship between the student and faculty and its academic curriculum by providing resources and the necessary experiences of the perfect academic guidance.

*choosing the main program and planning for curriculum’s’ arrangement and dates.

*assisting in planning for career goal and desirable life in addition to activities that leads the student to be independent and capable of making his own decisions and persistent to get his academic degree.

* getting information from the academic guides to improve the students’ performance and formulate policies.

The Academic guidance’ goals:

The concept of academic guidance in its broad framework isn’t just registration, thus the academic guide should build a connection with the student as he is considered as faculty’s interface so he is the most knowledgeable of students’ needs. The academic guidance has many goals:

  • Guide the student to appreciate the value of the university experience.
  • Providing the student with the correct information about the faculty. The educational policy, and the academic resources and programs.
  • Determine the educational goals and forming educational plan keeps up with the student’s needs.
  • Adjusting students with the university atmosphere.
  • Present the various systems to the student.
  • Support the students’ potentials according to their major fields.
  • Make a list of the qualifying curriculums during the demanded timeline(the academic plan)
  • Helping students to expand their information base through the academic curriculums outside their major specialty.
  • Looking in the main available job opportunities.
  • Follow up and evaluate students’ reports during their studies.
  • Helping the students to improve their academic skills in order to overcome the academic difficulties they face.
  • Helping the students in dealing with their personal problems if necessary.
  • Prepare students for job market.