Students have a basic role in the academic guidance process such as the responsibility of following up the academic progress and asking for advice from the academic guide who provides assistance to develop the academic plans in order to achieve their goals and aspirations in a successful profession life after helping in choosing academic programs. To achieve the greatest return of academic guidance interviews the student should prepare himself to it by following these steps:


*Before meeting the academic guidance:


  • Knowing the academic guide’s office hours.
  • Scheduling an appointment with the academic guide preferably one time every semester and working on scheduling them early.
  • Write all your questions and concerns which keep you away from your academic orientation, and bring them with you to the academic interview.
  • Prepare correct information and related data to what you need before your meeting with the academic guide.

*During the interview:

  • Bring the academic file of every curriculum and also your questions’ list.
  • Give a clear idea about your academic and career goals and share them transparently and honestly with your academic guide.
  • Work with your academic guide on establishing an academic program with executive academic schedule for what are you planning to study in the next two semesters.
  • Ask all the questions crossing in your mind, the academic guide can help better when you have a clear vision of what you want.


* Follow up interviews

  • Follow what your academic guide has recommended.
  • Call or contact electronically your academic guide for any additional questions or quires.
  • Tell your academic guide about the important changes in your academic program that might influence your performance and academic goals.
  • Be sure you clearly understand all the requirements of graduation at the faculty and university.
  • Be familiar with the academic calendar especially the critical dates and deadlines that usually published on the department’s board.
  • Adding or eliminating any academic curriculum without referring to your academic guide might cause misfortune or delay your graduation.
  • Make yourself an academic guidance file contains copies of all related documents so that you can find a quick answer to your questions.

Take the responsibility of your academic progress, advice and guidance is an important instrument for success, but above all, you are the first responsible of your success.