Higher education institutes are considered the center of science and knowledge of society and a citadel of human thought at its highest levels, and a source of investment and improve one of the most important of society treasures which is human capital.

 Education is considered a national project the state cares about, and out of the faculty’s belief in the importance of developing programs, curriculum, and administrative and academic performance at all educational,research,and administrative fields, quality assurance unit has been founded in 2014 in the faculty as one of the mechanisms of support and upgrade the administrative and academic performance and reviewing the organizational structure and prepare a proposal of a new regulation compatible with the internal regulation of university’s quality assurance center in order to accomplish the vision and  mission  of the unit which support the faculty’s strategy to achieve competency and efficiency required when applying quality system to obtain accreditation.

Proceeding from this, a new governing council was approved for quality assurance unit in the faculty at its meeting number (64) 24/3/2019, accordingly; the internal regulation of the unit has been updated on the faculty’s council meeting number(66) 20/5/2019  and formed emanating  operational committees  to follow up the practices in all criteria of educational efficiency and institutional capacity.   

  The unit is responsible for quality management inside the faculty; it has all mechanisms, documents and practical application of quality management in the faculty.