The unit’s governing council is the authority in charge of administrating the unit and develops mechanisms and policies to achieve its targets including:

  • Develop and adopt the internal system of quality management inside the faculty and determine functions and duties of subcommittees which achieve the goals of the unit.
  • Establish an integrated information system for managing quality in the faculty.
  • Follow the activities of quality management according to the approved timeline in the unit’s plan.
  • Programs and courses description for bachelor and postgraduate phases and its reports for every academic year and the annual report of the faculty, qualify teaching staff to use the designated forms of it, and map out corrective actions for quality assurance leading to accreditation.
  • Prepare the self-study and the strategic plan of the plan which is one of the requirements of accreditation grantor based on its criteria.
  • Convening of meetings, workshops, and conferences in cooperation with  all the bodies concerned with performance evaluation and quality assurance issues throughout quality management at the university.
  • Prepare an annual report of the unit’s activities and submit it to the faculty’s council for information.
  • Adopt administrative and financial and technical regulation and the organizational structures and proceedings for approved it by the relevant authority.
  • Proposal to amend the internal regulation of the unit whenever required.