Within the framework of Aswan University’s mission, faculty of agriculture and natural resources seeks to prepare locally and regionally competitive graduates in agriculture field and life sciences through the provision of distinct study programs ……
Faculty of agriculture and natural resources at Aswan University seeks to become one of the distinct academic institutions and locally and regionally accredited in the field of education and scientific research ……
Relying on teaching strategy which responds to the internal and external environment of the faculty to achieve convenient balance among education, research, guidance and the improvement of the projects ….

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Aswan University Council convening no. (104): Approves the establishment of the postgraduate studies in the two faculties of commerce and tongues

March 31, 2021
 The Aswan University Council, in its session held on Wednesday, March 31, 2021, headed by...

Availability of Modern Medical Capabilities at Aswan University Hospital

March 28, 2021
Prof. Ahmed Ghallab-Aswan University President indicated what university hospitals witness at Aswan University from a...

Aswan University President was infected with the emerging coronavirus

March 26, 2021
Aswan University President Prof.Ahmed Ghallab was infected with the emerging coronavirus, and he is currently undergoing treatment...


The first African universities Youth weak

October 20, 2019
Within the framework of cultures...

The annual training of Egyptian knowledge bank

October 13, 2019
Under the patronage of Prof:...
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