Plant protection department is one of the scientific departments of the faculty; it includes three divisions which are: entomology, pesticides and zoology, where insect pests that infect the different types of plants are being studied in addition to insects’ biology, physiology, morphology and environment. And also studying the insects of medical and veterinary importance and the insects that infect stored grains and woody trees. The department gives a special concern to the field of biological control and bee. Pesticides science studies the polluted environments with pesticides and its side effects and reducing the risks of it, the also department has a unit for pest control. Zoology department has three main divisions which are: general agricultural zoology, acarology and nematology.

The department has a teaching staff that carries out the educational process in the previously mentioned fields to the bachelor’s degree students and postgraduate studies’ students, that’s in addition to conducting special researches in collaboration with different local and outside research bodies.

Bachelor’s degree students while studying curriculums are practically trained in the faculty’s farm which is located nearby the department’s building.