The unit aims at evaluate the academic and administrative and community-based performance in order to develop the educational and research process and serve society and improve environment to obtain the institutional accreditation for the faculty throughout:

  • Disseminate the culture of quality among the teaching staff and the association body, employees, and students in the faculty.
  • Set the systems and techniques of measurement, and continuously evaluate performance inside the faculty to guarantee achieving the faculty’s goals and upgrading its output.
  • Improve the research activity system by adopting a comprehensive research plan between the various departments in the institution to contribute to solving community problems based on scientific foundations.
  •  Establish and operationalize internal system to ensure quality in the faculty to facilitate achieving the requirement of the quality of   the institutional and actual educational capacity.
  • Continue increasing the efficiency of the skills of the faculty’s teaching staff and the association body and the administrative authority.
  • Conduct training courses, workshops, and conferences in the field of overall quality in order to prepare competent cadre to guarantee sustainability and success of the quality programs.
  • Monitoring the academic and administrative sectors in the faculty by periodic internal audit to ascertain meeting the requirements of accreditation.
  • Ensure making self-assessment, self-study, and regular and annual reports and meeting the requirements of and conditions of the national authority of quality assurance and accreditation of education to prepare the faculty to obtain accreditation and sustain its continuity.