Students affairs’ sector 

Education and students’ affairs administration headed by the faculty’s vice dean for education and students manages whatever relating to students since they enrolled in the faculty until they get bachelor degree.

Duties of Education and students’ affairs administration:

  • Policy-making of study, exams, education and students.
  • follow up to the implementation of the higher council of universities’, the university’s council, and education and students’ council’s  resolutions .
  • Involve in determining the dates of starting and ending  the academic year and the summer vacation in the light of  the university’s council resolutions and  inform the faculties of these dates.
  • prepare statistics and needed data to extract information and make periodic and annual reports  ,and prepare the academic schedules and set the required hours for it.
  •  receive the new students and distribute them on the various programs according to the criteria  approved by the faculty council.
  • Make a file for every student ,and enter the information of students to the university’s database and register it on records.
  • Issuing  student ID cards after paying the determined fees.
  • prepare students lists and send them to the different scientific departments ,and follow up to students’ attendance records in lectures and sections.
  • participate in summer training for the faculty students.
  • prepare the needed cards for control rooms and exams.