An overview of the department:

Horticulture department has been established as an independent department since the faculty of agriculture and natural resources has been founded at Aswan University by the ministerial order No. 126 of 2013 dated 13th February 2013; the department contributes basically with Agronomy department in teaching planet production program to the third and the fourth level in addition to teaching the relevant programs.

Horticulture department includes many of scientific specialties such as pomology, vegetables, and Ornamental, medicinal, and aromatic plants, and landscaping.

Aswan University at the request of faculty of agriculture and natural resources grants bachelor degree in agricultural sciences (plant production program) which includes horticulture division. The university also grants professional master’s degree in (export horticultural crops production technology program) ,and master’s and PhD degrees in four programs :pomology, vegetables, ornamental plants, and aromatic and medicinal plants.

The department also provides a lot of training courses for students, graduates, and the employees in the agricultural addition to providing extension services in agriculture and production throughout participating in agricultural convoys, providing technical consultations, preparing feasibility studies, and  evaluating and following up the projects related to horticultural sciences field. The department also contributes to research studies jointly with the other scientific departments and authorities. The department has a distinguished teaching staff and the doctorate degree holders in the different specialties.