1. Showing sincere concern to students’ success by helping them in achieving their academic goals.
  2. Offering assistance and care of students’ needs.
  3. Knowing the university’s policies and procedures that related particularly to specialization, and also reviewing the previous plans and policies and regularly tracking it as upon which all efforts of forming academic plan for the student will be built.
  4. Knowing the academic year’s calendar and deadlines of every procedure related to registration.
  5. Cognizance of the student’s abilities and information system’s keys and how to access to it to help in building his academic future.
  6. Helping the student in planning his academic program by explaining everything about specialization, the previous requirement, sequence of academic curriculums, curriculums’ contents, and the proper academic program.
  7. Approving the student’s academic program.
  8. With continuing the academic connection, the guide can help the student in making decisions and take responsibility of them as the academic guide cannot make decision on behalf of the student but he shows him the options so he consider them when he take his own decision.
  9. Familiarity with the university’s resources, services, and assistance and present it to student to benefit from it.
  10. Encouraging students to participate in student activities at its levels, specialization, department, faculty, and university, as the participation is a key of bonding with the faculty.
  11. Participating in symposiums and workshops organized by the university to improve the skills of guidance and to be updated by the developed policies, procedures and needs.
  12. Facilitating connection between the student and the related authorities to his needs inside the university.
  13. Planning the academic schedule for the student.
  14.  Monitoring and follow up the academic progress of the student.
  15. Clarifying the professional goals to the student.
  16. Acquisition of divergent connections and useful skills.
  17. Preserving confidentiality of information and the academic record of the student unless if there is a written consent of the student.
  18. Compiling and organizing and cataloging the information, notes, and reports related to the student’s various plans, abilities, and
  19. Motivating the student to regular self-evaluation