The Specifications of the graduate that the faculty and the academic programs aspire to achieve include the following:

1_demonstrate a thorough understanding of the scientific and economic bases of the ways of producing, manufacturing, and trading field, horticulture, animal, and rural crops and managing its businesses.

2_determine the technical and economical related to production systems, and use his capacities to solve these problems by evaluate and use the modern techniques, besides the ability to organize and manage.

3_ use the existing resources efficiently and manage the agricultural businesses for profit.

4_plan and conduct research activities, evaluate its results, and reach valid conclusions.

5_communicate effectively (in writing, verbally and illustrations) and make a constructive contribution in groups’ discussions.

6_effectively use information and communication technologies.

7_show awareness of the relevant legal, ethical, and social subjects.

8_assess and develop himself and add the required professional knowledge and skills according to the phased needs by practicing continuing learning. Showing the profession’s morals and attitudes (pro activity and leadership and team work skills)

9_aware of concerns and broad orientations in the field of food production and sustainable development besides preserving the environment and natural resources.