1- Extraction of coagulating enzymes from unconventional plant sources.

2- Chemical and microbiological properties of white cheese made from goat’s milk.

3- Production and fortification of ice cream with dietary fibers and oligosaccharides.

4- The use of camel milk in the production of special dairy foods to treat some chronic diseases.

5- Improving and producing white cheese from goat’s milk with using plant and fungal enzymes.

6- Using soybean milk as a substitute for cow’s milk in producing various dairy products.

7- Production of fermented milk in its various forms.

8- Improving the quality and duration of preparing cheese by using bacteria.

9- Reducing the loss of mineral milk elements when making Damietta cheese.

10- Producing and improving the quality of lactose-free milk and the use of the lactase enzyme in milk production for cases of lactose intolerance.

11- Comprehensive studies on maternal milk.

12- The use of genetic engineering technology in the production of lactic primers.