A graduate of the Department of Science and Technology can work in: –

1- Production and quality control engineer in all food and dairy industries factories in Egypt, such as (Juhayna – Domty – Green Land – Beyti – Almarai – Seclam – Faragello – Ice Man – Elmasryeen – Teama – Americana – President – Danone) and also factories and companies affiliated with the government  institutions and agencies. 

2- Joining the academic staff of the department or one of the research centers such as: (National Research Center – Food Technology Research Institute – Institute of Genetic Engineering – National Nutrition Institute).

3- General Organization for Export and Import control

4- All customs entry points at airports, ports and plant quarantine.

5- Nutritionist in government and private hospitals.

6- Inspector of Supply and also Food Inspectors and Observers at Ministry of Health.

7- Nutritionist in university hostel, Ministries of Education and Al-Azhar Al-Sharif.

8- A student with limited capabilities can implement a small project that helping him to get an adequate income.

9- Chemical and microbiological analysis laboratories for food and milk.

10- Participating with nutritional and clinical nutrition physicians in licensing and establishing therapeutic feeding units and centers.

11- The Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Egyptian Standard.

12- Agricultural engineer in most government agencies, ministries and institutions.