The ceremony was held under the auspices of Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman, President of Aswan University, Dr. Yasser Abdel Hamid Diab, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Sadiq, General Coordinator of the Students’ Family for Egypt, and a number of faculties’ deans and faculty members.

Dr. Muhammad Abul-Layl, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Family Coordinator at the faculty, said that the family participates in student activities in various scientific, cultural, artistic, social and sports fields to develop spiritual and moral values ​​among the students of the faculty and to spread a healthy university spirit among students and to strengthen ties between them and the faculty and staff members and work to discover Students’ talents, abilities, skills and encouragement

Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Sadeq, General Coordinator of the Family, added that the ceremony demonstrated the skills and creativity of the college students in an elegant and organized manner, which included drawings, handicrafts, Quran, chanting, poetry, recitation and singing.