On Sunday, 9/1/2022, the first day of exams for the first semester of the academic year 2021-2022 was launched, according to the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities, and about 24 thousand students perform it at all levels of study at the university level.

In this regard, Prof. Ayman Othman, President of the University, inspected the faculty’s examination committees, and the President of the University confirmed that the university had prepared for the first semester exams with many procedures that were applied in various faculties, including the provision of halls to accommodate the numbers of students and to achieve social distancing security with the provision of medical staff Nursing in all faculties and committees, and provision of ambulances on the university campus. Emphasis on the application of all precautionary measures, including thermometers, and the provision of sterilization gates at the entrances to the university and colleges to examine students and ensure that they are free from the Corona virus.

The President of the University was also accompanied on his tour by Prof. Yasser Abdel Hamid Diab – Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources to check on the conduct of the examinations.

His Excellency also sensitized students to the importance of wearing masks inside the committees and leaving the college immediately after completing the examination, due to the lack of crowding, and his keenness to provide all support to students during the examinations, while wishing the students success and success.