About postgraduate studies sector 

Scientific research is the engine of development in all respects, and the advanced level of scientific research is the most important standard in judging the level of progress and sophistication of a nation. And Aswan university presided by prof:Ahmed Ghalab Mohamed, and prof:Ayman Mohamed Osman –the university’s vice president for postgraduate studies and researches, the university seeks to be on international map through its persistent pursuit  to provide a proper research environment in which innovative and powerful researches qualifies for professional and educational progress could be achieved. 

So postgraduate studies sector in faculty of agriculture and natural resources under the wise leadership of prof:Yasser Abdelhameed Diab-dean of the faculty, aims at achieving quality and excellence the research process to acquire a prominent place in the distinct universities rank in the field  of postgraduate studies throughout: 

  •  Raising awareness of international scientific publishing and its methods and techniques. 
  • Motivating the researchers to represent the faculty in the universal scientific forums by researches in the various specialties. 
  •  Keeping up with the contemporary challenges and solving the problems of the surrounding society in a scientific way. 
  • Develop postgraduate studies and scientific research programs that meet the needs of society and interest the labor market, and in compliance with the international standards which grantee graduating distinct scientific cadres. 
  • Develop the pioneering research capacities of the teaching staff and postgraduate studies’ students according to the adopted criteria and support the progress of the scientific research in and outside the faculty. 
  • Provide all kinds of support to the teaching assistants and assistant lecturers and resolve all the difficulties towards completing their academic career. 
  • Encouraging research groups and teamwork between the different specialties in and outside the faculty in order to achieving integration. 

Realizing the scale of challenge upon us to accomplish the ambitious goals of the university and the faculty and for our beloved Egypt, the administration of postgraduate studies won’t spare an effort in order to bring added value both society and researchers could feel it. with emphasis on inviting everybody to participate in this regard by ideas and suggestions which certainly  would have a great impact on  postgraduate studies sector in the faculty.