1_Athletic activity:

Aims at a sound body, as healthy mind in a healthy body.

Athletic activity fields:

Team sports (football_volleyball_handball_basketball).

Individual sports (Ping-Pong _tennis _wrestling_swimming_athletics_boxing_weightlifting_karate_judo_kung-fu).

Requirements of the candidates for membership of student unions’ councils:

  • An Egyptian national.
  • A freshman not remaining student (for any reason).
  • Characterized by good ethics and good reputation.
  • Paid the union tuition.
  • Active in the committee he intends to run for.
  • Never been convicted by a restricted punishment, suspended, or recalled from one of student unions or its committees.
  • No disciplinary action had been taken against him.

2_social activity:

Aims at improving the social relations between students and teaching staff and employees to strengthen bonds among all the faculty’s members throughout three major sections (trips and camps, social service, student activities).

Social activity fields:

  • Student trips.
  • Drug control project.
  • Social researches at faculty and university.
  • Environmental pollution control project.
  • Form the Red Crescent team.
  • First aids project.
  • Perfect student contest.
  • Blood donation project.
  • The annual charity market.
  • Social solidarity fund.

3_Ranger and public service activity:

This is one of the  activities that help in improving students at all mental,physical,and social sides in addition to gain some artistic,scouting,cultural,athletic skills and environment serving and the religious activity.