• Meal cards for the expatriate students.
  • Stationery items at a nominal fee.

Conditions of access to meal cards:

  • The meal is for outside residence students.
  • The meal is a hot cooked lunch repast, and the cards must be bought a week earlier before.
  • The meal costs one and half Egyptian pound per day.
  • These meals are not served on Fridays and public holidays.
  • The meals’ prices are paid in the university campus’ treasury.
  • Only one card per week is provided to each student in order to distribute the cards on students evenly.
  • Meals cards are presented to all the students from outside the governorate and those who don’t reside in the university campus.
  • The beneficiary students of meals cards and their governorates will be registered in the youth care records.

University textbook subsides

Youth care distributes the university textbook at subsided prices for all students.

In case of complaints:

There is a complaints box hanging besides the main stage buildings opened once per week, students who have a complaint should write it clearly and put it in the box.

All complaints are handled strictly confidential.

Urgent complaints could be submitted personally to the union’s leader or the faculty’s vice dean for education and students’ affairs.

Required conditions of the complaint:

  • Contains the complainant’s name and data.
  • Includes specific incidents and witnesses to the incident (if possible) and its time and place.
  • Complaints without names and signatures are not accepted.
  • The complaints are registered in a record that determines the delivery date of it, the complaint’s type, and to whom has it addressed, and then an appointment with the complainant will be scheduled to solve it.

The complaints are distributed according to its type in the presence of a committee of: the union’s leader or whom he may delegate, youth care manager, and a representative from student union, according to the following types:

  • Academic complaints.
  • Non-academic complaints (absence ,transforming)
  • Personal complaints.
  • Financial and social complaints.