Prof. Ayman Othman – President of Aswan University- welcomed the opening of the folk crafts festival of Egyptian University which was in Aswan University, this festival was hold under the care of Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar – Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research- and Dr. Karim Hassan Hammam – Director of the Institute for Leadership Development in Helwan – under the slogan (The Good of My Country). The holding of this festival comes within the framework of the political leadership’s interest in folk heritage and the preservation of the Egyptian and visual identity, through precise specializations in the engineering and technical fields in the faculties of Aswan University and linking them to the environment Surrounding and working on competition among Egyptian university students, in cooperation with the Institute for Leadership Development, in organizing a festival of folk crafts in Egyptian universities in the governorate of Aswan, which has a unique folk heritage, civilization and history, and Aswan, the capital of culture, economy, arts, Arab and African youth for the African continent.

The workshops were hold to students under the supervision of Dr. Hossam Al-den Mostafa and Dr. Abdel Moneim Jilani-Institute agents-and Dr. Yasser Abdel Hamed –Dean of Faculty of Agriculture- and Dr. Mohamed Abo Al lel- Faculty agent.

Prof. Ayman Othman- President of Aswan University- added that the opening session in Aswan University and the festival continue within the period from 4 to 8 February,2022 and 200 students from various universities joined in the festival.

Prof. Ayman Othman-explained that the university discover the talented student and develop them to graduate scientific cadres capable of intellectual and practical creativity without relying on stereotypical methods. The Folk Crafts Festival is a golden opportunity for talented and creative students to express their art and work to revive the folklore of Aswan Governorate. They will be a nucleus to participate in the second folklore exhibition.

Dr. Kareem Hmam pointed the importance of the role of The Institute for Leadership Development as an educational and training platform to discover the creative leader through the advancement of youth and their participation in student activities because of its important role in refining students’ skills and forming their personality, and working to create a new generation of young pioneers, as this group comes within the framework of developing some craft fields And training on creating job opportunities for young people, and helping to refine the workmanship or craft for students and relying on themselves, in addition to working on preparing and qualifying them for the labor market.

This group includes the opening session on the first day, as well as the areas of racing in the workshops. On the second day of the program, it includes a Nile tour of the Island of Plants and West Sohail, in addition to completing the areas of racing with workshops. During the third day program, a tourist visit is made to (The High Dam, symbol of Friendship, Philae Temple, Nile Museum), in addition to a free tour in the city of Aswan, and the fields of racing are completed with workshops. On the fourth day of the regiment program, a commemorative photo is taken in the official uniform, and the closing ceremony is held, the results of competitions are announced and certificates are distributed, followed by a free tour. In Aswan, the cohort activities conclude on Tuesday with the departure of the students.

The jury of the fields of competition consists of Dr. Mahmoud Hamed Saleh, head of the jury, professor of artistic works and folklore and dean of the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University, Dr. Wagdy Refaat Farid, member of the jury, professor of artistic works and folklore and dean of the Faculty of Specific Education, Assiut University, and Dr. Eman Mohamed Wagdy, member of the jury. Arbitration, Assistant Professor of Artistic Works and Folklore, and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education, Aswan University.

On the sidelines of the opening, Dr. Karim Hammam, Director of the Institute for Leadership Development presented the Institute’s shield to Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman-President of Aswan University- in appreciation of the university’s role in the fruitful and constructive cooperation between the two parties. The President of Aswan University presented the shield of Aswan University to the Director of the Institute for Leadership Development in Helwan, in the presence of a group of university professors and deans Faculties and students of participating Egyptian universities delegations.