Providing a distinguished educational service in the field of genetics and biotechnology so the graduate can keep pace with the labor market and scientific research centers ‘ needs, and utilization of knowledge and modern genetics techniques to solve improvement and community problems.


  • Qualifying students with knowledge and modern genetics techniques to prepare them for working in biotechnology.
  • Preparing distinct academic and scientific cadre capable of contributing to development and improving different sectors such as agriculture and industry and environment so they could have a competitive ability in labor market compared to their counterparts from the other faculties.
  • Providing advanced modern genetics education which keeps up with the global scientific progress for postgraduate studies’ students (Phd_master_diploma).
  • Conducting applied and academic scientific researches in the field of genetics and biotechnology in order to solve environment’s problems.
  • Providing training courses for graduates in the different fields of genetics.
  • Participating in the research projects in the interest of the general plan of the faculty and improving the community.
  • Providing scientific consultations which serve the local community to improve the environment.