Number  Name  Post
1 Prof:Ahmed Ghalab Mohamed Soil and natural resources department, and the university’s president
2 Prof:Yasser Abdelhameed Diab Acting dean of the faculty( head of the council)
3 Prof:Mohamed Nagaty Ghazaly Food sciences and technology department’s supervisor.
4 Dr:Ashraf Bakry Ahmed Eltayeb Acting faculty’s vice dean for education and students affairs.
5 Dr:Nabil Saied Awad Acting faculty’s vice dean for postgraduate studies and researches.
6 Dr:Mohamed Ahmed Abuelail Acting faculty’s vice dean for community service and environment improving.
7 Prof:Hamdy Mohamed Alaref Genetics department’s supervisor.
8 Prof:Salah Mohamed Mahmoud Agricultural microbiology department’s supervisor.
9 Prof:Mohamed Abdelwahab Abu nohool Economics and agricultural extension department’s supervisor.
10 Dr:Wagdy Saber Ahmed Horticulture department’s supervisor.
11 Dr:Mohamed Abdelaleem Al Associate professor at agricultural extension department.
12 Dr:Eslam Rashed Alzoghbey Associate professor at planet protection department.
13 Dr:Hussein Hassan Adam Associate professor at agricultural economics department.
14 Dr:Abdelmoneam Awadallah Omar Lecturer at crops production department.
15 Dr:Gamal Tageldeen Alsaman Head of the agricultural bank sector at Aswan.
16 Dr:Hany Sabry Sedeek A member from the outside
17 Dr:Ahmed Esmae’l Damarany Head of Accreditation and quality assurance unit