The annual plan of Society service and environmental improvement sector:

  1. Approval of a Memorandum of understanding for inclusive development projects at ministry of agriculture and land reclamation.
  2. A cooperation protocol between the faculty and climate changes project.
  3. Agricultural convoys reports for the villages of Nasr Alnoba region (Aneiba_Armena_Abusimble_Balana) to contact with small farmers and breeders.
  4. Convoys reports for the villages of Kom Ombo region (Almanshia village).
  5. A cooperation protocol with the national research center for medical plants agriculture.
  6. Create a master’s degree for climate changes with the states of European Union and Egyptian and Jordan universities.
  7. Establish a unit of consultations and training.
  8. Establish a unit of food manufacturing.
  9. Visit report of new Aswan school for languages.
  10. Participating in afforestation of some schools in Nasr Alnoba.