1- The decision is taken in light of the economic and social changes.
2 – It predicts the possible repercussions of economic and social changes.
3- Transfers and publishes the results of applied scientific research to the various categories of final beneficiaries.

4- Able to work according to the smart farming system and the ability to describe the concepts of international agriculture.

Additional skills this program:
1 – Design a business plan for a farm.
2 – A cost-benefit analysis of an agricultural project is conducted.
3 – Calculate the credit alternatives for investment and estimate the benefits arising from each alternative.
4 – Develops marketing plans for projects and agricultural businesses.
5 – Establish a bookkeeping system for agricultural projects, and update the financing data.
6 – Negotiates with the purchase and sale of supplies and products.

7- Use of computer and technology techniques.
8 – Understands and deals with the behavior of the producer and the consumer.

9- Managing the work team.