The department’s research plan:

The research plan of the department includes two research domains:

  • The research plan in the field of plant breeding.
  • The research plan in the field of crops production.

The department’s research plan jointly with the scientific departments and research centers 2014_2019.

The main topic Target Outcomes. Activities and practices. Executive responsibility
Biotechnology applications Developing new strains and hybrids with desirable traits of the strategic field crops (corn, flour,sugarcane,etc)using genetic applications . Increasing the productive and economic quality of these crops and making them suitable for inadequate environmental conditions. Collecting different genetic resources, crossbreeding of different species. The department’s teaching staff (planet breeding and different research centers)
Optimal use of the non-traditional crops Enhancing the productivity of new crops which are appropriate for the environmental conditions of the region. Increasing the cultivated unit’s productivity. Conducting researches to determine the cultivation dates and the applied agricultural dealings thus achieving soil fertility and increasing yields. The department’s teaching staff and Toshka’s research centers.
Agricultural management and production improving. Controlling the prevailing weeds in some field (winter and summer crops). Make recommendation on weed control to increase the productive and economic quality of strategic crops. Conducting experiments of weed control and specify the best dealings to make the best use. Teaching staff and the governorates’ agricultural centers.
Agricultural processes and improving production’s quality. Optimal use of the cultivated area given the scarcity of resources.

Define the impact of mineral and organic fertilizers on the growth, productivity, and quality of crops.

Improving strategic crops productivity such as grains and legumes using modern techniques.

Increasing the productivity of the unit and promoting the quality of the agricultural soil.





Increasing crops and soil productivity.

Increasing high yields and growing the economic return.

Conducting load researches to preserve soil fertility and increase cultivated crops and economic return.

Conducting researches determining the perfect agricultural dealings and recommend them to farmers to make the best use of the available resources.


Researches on corn and beans crops are now running using Nano fertilizers and improving the quality of using mineral fertilizers and irrigation water and rationalize using it.