1- Providing an academic climate that helps the student to learn and develop his skills, especially in the field of economic and social studies.

2 – Preparing scientific and professional cadres equipped with an integrated knowledge background in the field of economic and social sciences and capable of leading agricultural work.

3- Excellence in education strategies to provide society with the scientific basis for developing food production, agricultural development and increasing competitiveness locally and internationally.

4- Diversity in revitalizing scientific research for high-production agriculture that preserves the environment and is capable of international competition, especially in light of the liberalization of international trade.

5- Making available the results of scientific research and providing consultations to investors and decision makers, especially in the field of economic and financial feasibility studies for various agricultural projects.

6 – Supporting cultural and scientific ties and concluding agreements between the department and bodies of common interest in the educational, research and service fields.

7- Supporting the linkage between the department and its graduates, especially in the postgraduate studies stage, in all state institutions.

8 – Training students on how to collect data and statistical information and how to analyze it and write reports.