My dear Students,

Speaking for teaching staff and the faculty staff, we welcome you at Agriculture Faculty, we appreciate your communication and happy to provide useful elementary information about academic departments, research and administrative services and the whole activities and news.

The faculty has a clear mission represented in enriching the improvement and the management of continuous agricultural and natural resources of southern Egypt by preparing specialists in agricultural science fields be able to contribute to improve the scientific and agricultural sectors, it aims to do applied researches which solve some of agricultural problems to increase the production of animal and plant and to improve its quality, spread scientific and agricultural culture, holding courses and providing technical consultations to serve local society.

  As we live in era of technology and electronic knowledge, that modernization and developing are considered as renewed requirements and a continuous need to develop the society, we hope this website reflects faculty commitment of this approach in the whole academic, research and scientific fields and in serving the society.

I repeat my welcoming the website’s visitors and inviting you to benefit from services which the website presents and to contribute in providing us with your suggestions and views to make the website more distinctive.